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China LUG 2013 Papers Posted

By jfranklin

Over the past few years, the annual Lustre® User Group (LUG) has been the main event worldwide concerning Lustre, bringing together Lustre developers, solution vendors, and Lustre users. OpenSFS has been organizing and supporting Lustre User Group meetings in the US for the past few years. With events in Japan and China, OpenSFS aims at better connecting Lustre users and developers in APAC to the worldwide open source Lustre community.

More than 80 attendees participated in the China LUG event, which provided existing and future Lustre users with a broad overview of the Lustre file system and its application in high-performance computing, analytics, and cloud environments. The event was free to attend.

For more details, the event report, and a full agenda and presentations, please see the China LUG 2013 event page.

RFP – W4570

By jfranklin

OpenSFS is pleased to announce a request for proposals for Lustre feature development, parallel file system tools, addressing Lustre technical debt, and parallel file system incubators (Solicitation Number W4570).

Our goals for this RFP are to:
1) Further the Lustre roadmap to meet the highest priority requirements defined by the community
2) Develop production quality tools to ease administration and use of open source scalable file systems
3) Address Lustre technical debt to improve the code base and documentation thereof
4) Encourage new efforts in open source scalable file systems for high performance and data intensive computing to broaden the set of solutions available to the community

To meet these goals we encourage innovative ideas and strong proposals that address one or more areas of interest detailed in the RFP. OpenSFS may fund multiple proposals as part of this RFP and we encourage broad participation from the entire open source scalable file system development communities.

Interested offerors are advised to review the RFP documentation below.

RFP Components:

– Proposal Preparation Instructions opensfs-proposal-preparation-instructions-final
– Lustre feature development Technical Specification technical-specification-lustre-features-final
– Parallel File System Tools, Addressing Lustre Technical Debt, and Parallel File System Incubators Technical Specification technical-specification-tools-final
– Example Statement of Work example-sow-final
– Sample Contract OpenSFS Contract-SAMPLE
– Evaluation Criteria opensfs-evaluation-criteria-final
– Terms and Conditions terms-and-conditions-final

Interested parties are encouraged to indicate their intent to submit a proposal no later than March 8th, 2013, via email to [email protected]. Please note that this is a controlled access email list and only members of the review committee will receive communications to this email address. Offerors should not attempt to subscribe to this email list. All postings to this email list are moderated.

Full proposals are due April 5th, 2013 at 11:59 PM EDT as detailed in the Proposal Preparation Instructions.

Interested parties must submit all communication (questions, comments, etc.) to [email protected]. OpenSFS will then post questions and our answers to the OpenSFS website.

While the RFP is open and under review, OpenSFS will not discuss the RFP except through the emails sent to [email protected] and responses on the OpenSFS website. Regular business activities that do not pertain to this RFP will be conducted in the normal manner.

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