Why Join

Open source file systems are a core HPC technology, connecting storage and compute systems, key to the performance and scalability of the TOP100 supercomputing sites worldwide and essential in pushing HPC to Exascale levels over the next decade. An important new trend is Lustre® file system usage in the enterprise environment. Through community input and new or existing working groups, OpenSFS is moving to support this trend as required by the community. OpenSFS provides a wide array of benefits to the development community:

  • Major events that pull together Lustre file system superstars and move forward roadmap discussions
  • Ongoing community development of documentation, training, tools, and outreach as well as engagement of new student and talent development
  • OpenSFS provides a community and forum for open source parallel file system advancement

By joining OpenSFS, you have multiple options for sustaining and furthering the development of open source file systems:

  • Guide the stabilization, support, and maturation of Lustre file system
  • Promote greater awareness

Help OpenSFS build robust open source file systems for – and under the control of – the HPC community.

Joining the OpenSFS Community is easy; just follow these three steps:

  1. Review the OpenSFS Bylaws. The OpenSFS Handbook is also provided as a reference guide to the Corporation’s policies, guidelines, and other information.
  2. Complete the Participation Agreement and email to OpenSFS Administration
  3. Pay the annual dues for the level of participation you have chosen. Please email OpenSFS Administration for remittance instructions for your preferred method of payment – EFT, ACH, wire, paper check, etc.

Member (User organizations)

  • Voting rights
  • Eligibility to serve on the Board
  • Eligibility to serve on LUG planning committee
  • Eligibility to participate in requirements gathering
  • Member annual dues are $1,000USD

Participant (Vendor organizations)

  • Support community efforts to promote Lustre
  • Opportunities for direct contact with User community
  • Access to community requirements gathering exercise
  • Eligible to attend OpenSFS member meetings
  • Participant annual dues are $5,000USD