OpenSFS Lustre Provider Capability Matrix

The OpenSFS organization itself does not provide Lustre services or support, but the following table describes the available services from our Participants (listed here) as defined by them. Please contact the vendor directly if you are interested.


Vendor Complete
Hardware Only
Software Only
(on other platforms)
Contact Information
Aeon Computing Yes Yes Yes No L3 Yes [email protected]
DDN Yes Yes Yes Yes L3 Yes [email protected]
[email protected]
Use the Whamcloud option for Lustre only options
HPE Yes No No Yes L3 Yes Contact HPE
Microsoft Yes No No Yes No No [email protected]


  • Complete Solution – The vendor provides a complete turn key solution that has the storage hardware, Lustre software and full support for both.
  • Hardware Only – The vendor provides storage hardware suitable to running Lustre and the support for the hardware but does not provide support of Lustre specifically.
  • Software Only – The vendor provides Lustre software packages for use on both server and clients along with the support for Lustre.
  • Cloud – The vendor provides a cloud based solution for Lustre with the associated support of Lustre and the underlying solution.
  • Support – The vendor provides support of the Lustre software running on various platforms
    • L1/L2 – involve opening tickets, analyzing faults, providing root cause analysis and correcting issues with workarounds or configuration changes without requiring Lustre code changes
    • L3 – The ability to fix bugs with the required Lustre code changes
    • Professional Services – The vendor provides development services for Lustre software or Lustre related software.

If you are an OpenSFS participant who would like to provide your response, contact [email protected].