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LUG 14 Presentations Are Online

By jfranklin

PDFs of the 32 presentations at this year’s Lustre User Group meeting are now available online at  We also have links to the videos of the sessions provided by InsideHPC.

LUG 2014 was very successful and lots of fun! Thanks to everyone for participating. We hope to see you online and at our coming Lustre events around the world.

Here’s a time lapse video of LUG 14 produced by Rich Brueckner at InsideHPC –

OpenSFS Community Representative Director Election

By jfranklin

Nominations are now being accepted for candidates to serve as the 2014 OpenSFS Community Representative Director on the OpenSFS Board of Directors. This position will be open from April 2014 to April 2015.

Nominations must be emailed to [email protected] before 5pm Pacific Time, Thursday, January 31, 2014.

Please take a moment to give this nomination serious consideration.  The person selected for this position is responsible for representing the OpenSFS Supporter and Adopter Participants and has a full Board seat and voting rights to carry out that responsibility.   Community participation is growing and we want to be sure all Supporters and Adopters have a strong voice in the decisions made by the OpenSFS Board.  Your Community Board Member is guided by Supporter and Adopter values as the Board makes decisions for OpenSFS including how OpenSFS Development and Support funding is spent.

We’d like to thank Tommy Minyard from Texas Advanced Computing Center for his excellent service as as the 2013 Community Representative Director.

Expectations for the community representative are:

  • attend weekly board meetings and face-to-face meetings twice a year
  • gather input on important topics from OpenSFS Adopter and Supporter participants
  • attend the LUG 2014 and 2015 conferences
  • provide routine updates on board activities to OpenSFS participants

Nominations rules/criteria are as follows:

  • Each OpenSFS Adopter and Supporter Participant is eligible to nominate one candidate for consideration as the Community Representative Director.
  • The Community Representative Director is an important role in OpenSFS, and we encourage Adopter and Supporter Participants to submit nominations.

Any individual meeting the requirements set forth in Section 6.4 of the Bylaws (as outlined below) is eligible for nomination for the upcoming term.

Nominations must be emailed to [email protected] before 5pmPacific Time, Thursday, January 31, 2014. OpenSFS will acknowledge the receipt of each nomination via return email.

As described in more detail in the OpenSFS Bylaws, within 30 days after the nomination process has been completed, a meeting of the Promoters will be held at which the Community Representative Director may be elected from among the candidates nominated.

Nominations must include:

1. The name of the Nominee.
2. The name of the employer of the Nominee.
3. The name of the Participant making the nomination and an indication of the Participant’s participation level in OpenSFS (Adopter or Supporter).

All Nominees must meet the requirements set forth in Section 6.4 of the Bylaws, which states:

“An individual serving as the Community Representative Director (A) may not be a Representative of any Promoter; (B) may be a Representative of a Supporter or Adopter and (C) must have meaningful experience in the development, marketing, implementation and/or use of software substantially similar to, or with comparable functionality to, software of the type comprising an OpenSFS Stack.”

Although the Nominee’s CV and/or other background information is not required to be submitted with the Nomination, OpenSFS may request additional information if clarification is needed regarding the individual’s ability to serve or qualifications under Section 6.4.

Thank you again for your support.  As a community let’s move forward to make 2014 the best year yet for OpenSFS and see all of you at LUG2014 in Miami from April 8-10, 2014, see for more details.

Our First Lustre Annual Report

By jfranklin

OpenSFS is releasing its inaugural Lustre Annual Report. OpenSFS commissioned Intersect360 Research to look into the state of Lustre development, adoption, and outlook. The report is segmented into three sections: Market Dynamics; The State of Lustre in 2014; and Intersect360 Research Analysis. It looks at market trends around file systems, exploring the past, present and future of Lustre in Big Data.

lustre annual report image

The report is being presented at the Lustre User Group (LUG) meeting in Miami, FL, today, April 9, 2014, and is available online with free registration. (8 pages, PDF)

The Road to LUG 2014, and Our New Community Director

By jfranklin

A continuing series from OpenSFS describing our work and efforts surrounding Lustre.

LUG 2014

The annual Lustre User Group (LUG) meeting takes place this spring, April 8-10 in Miami, Florida. Running a tech conference takes a lot of effort. There are details around logistics, deadlines, scheduling and lots more. Then from there is the core effort to decide what the conference will cover, who will present, and what is of highest priority.

Not so simple.

So OpenSFS decided to better organize these efforts by creating an LUG committee. With meetings that began in December, the LUG committee developed a timeline for soliciting and receiving proposals, and then worked through analyzing and voting on which talks would be accepted. Based on feedback from last year’s participants, it was important to make sure that the agenda this year was not too full. A really good event reserves time for “hallway meetings” and impromptu discussions.

We had 21 slots to fill and well over double that number of high quality proposals were submitted.

The LUG committee, made up of representatives from Bull, CEA, Intel, IU, LLNL, NetApp, ORNL, Sandia and Xyratex, meets weekly to discuss LUG priorities. Since the deadline for submissions was January 31st, the bulk of the discussions were conducted in January and February, with committee members having to make hard decisions on specific topics and time slots. Weekly discussions focus on high level themes, followed by voting that was conducted through the LUG mailing list and blind “Doodle polls” to tally votes.

This year, since there were quite a few high quality submissions that would not make the cut, the LUG committee added poster sessions. These will be available throughout LUG with the presenters available to respond to questions.

The full agenda is available here:

The Lustre User Group (LUG) 2014 takes place this spring, April 8-10 in Miami, Florida. Participation in LUG is open to all, and if you would like to attend or sponsor, please email us at [email protected].

LUG 2014 is coming soon! We’re looking forward to seeing you there. Your support and involvement in the Lustre community is key.

Our New Community Director

In another important piece of OpenSFS news, each year OpenSFS members elect a Community Representative Director to join the board in steering OpenSFS. The term runs from March to March annually. Tommy Minyard at TACC served the past term and deserves much credit for a job well done and building a real sense of momentum. Stephen Simms, from Indiana University (IU), has been reelected. Simms was Community Representative Director from 2011-2012. In his previous term, Simms spearheaded a wide range of initiatives within OpenSFS including significant expansion of participation in the annual Lustre User Group as program chair in 2012, encouraging IU engagement in supporting OpenSFS such as hosting of the OpenSFS testbed and development of OpenSFS promotional materials. He has slid seamlessly right back into the position, instantly becoming a critical part of LUG committee planning.

A big hearty welcome back to Simms. Or, in his terms, “Rock on!”

Top 5 Reasons to Attend LUG 2014

By jfranklin


On April 8-10th, OpenSFS is hosting the 12th Annual Lustre® User Group (LUG) Conference at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida! LUG 2014 will bring together industry leaders, end-users, developers, and vendors to talk Lustre, contribute to the community, and move the technology forward.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should attend LUG 2014:

5 – Technical Poster Exhibition so you can digest Lustre info on your own schedule
Includes posters on Lustre challenges, configurations, data movement between Lustre and enterprise storage, file system design, and many more.

4 – Located minutes from South Beach so you can work on your tan
The venue for LUG 2014 is the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay which is located right on Biscayne Bay and just minutes from South Beach and other famous Miami attractions.

3 – Best place to hear about feature development so you can be ahead of the curve
Talks on Lustre roadmap, Lustre performance comparison and tuning, Exascale, proposed new features, Hadoop, log analysis, and much more. The full 2014 LUG agenda is now available online.

2 – First Lustre Annual Report so you can see how Lustre is doing in new markets
OpenSFS is sponsoring its first Lustre Annual Report that will examine the current status of Lustre in multiple vertical markets spanning high performance computing, Big Data, and enterprise computing markets, including the drivers and barriers for future adoption.

1 – Best event of the year to talk Lustre so you can be a true insider
Finally a place where everyone understands Lustre! In fact, they might know more than you. LUG is the best event of the year, not just for the presentations, but also for the hallway discussions and the evening get-togethers, too.

Register now to take advantage of the special early bird rate before March 17th. The early bird registration price is $525.

Be sure to check back regularly, as speakers and session highlights will also be posted over the coming weeks.  In the meantime, the LUG 2014 agenda is available online.

Register today for LUG 2014! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [email protected].

Quick Start to 2014 for OpenSFS and Lustre

By jfranklin

Continuing our 2014 goal to provide greater visibility into our inner workings, OpenSFS is providing monthly posts describing our work and efforts surrounding Lustre.

Our executive committee, made up of the Community Representative Director and 5 board members from Cray, Intel, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL), and Xyratex, along with the operations management team (VTM Group) and our legal counsel, meets weekly to discuss OpenSFS priorities.

budget jar small

One top priority discussed in January was the 2014 budget. Budget priorities reflect of our strong commitment to promoting Lustre globally. Weekly discussions with EOFS, the European open source file systems community organization, have begun with Hugo Falter (ParTec), Eric Monchalin (Bull), and Frank Baetke (HP). The intent is that these meetings will ultimately broaden community participation on both sides of the Atlantic.

On the personnel side, we’re pleased to announce Jason Hill will be serving as interim Technical Working Group chair for OpenSFS. As the storage team lead at ORNL’s National Center for Computational Sciences (NCSS), Jason brings a wealth of experience in architecting, deploying, and managing large-scale Lustre file systems. He was jointly responsible for the delivery of both the original Spider file system at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility as well as the follow on Spider II file system. Jason also brings leadership having managed a team of Lustre and HPSS experts at the NCCS. This is a key position in our Lustre development support. Congratulations Jason!

We are also currently in the process of electing a new Community Representative Director. The position runs annually from April to April, and the new director will be announced before LUG 2014.

The Lustre User Group (LUG) 2014 meeting takes place this spring April 8-10 in Miami, Florida. The LUG planning committee is meeting weekly to ensure that this year’s event provides all the technical topics the community is interested in and runs smoothly. Last year’s LUG was considered a great success, but the presentations schedule was probably a bit too jam packed. This year, we are looking to cut back slightly on the amount of official talks and allow more time for socializing and networking. The anticipated themes of the presentations include Lustre in the Enterprise, Big Data, Cloud, and Exascale. Participation in LUG is open to all.

We are excited to have your continued support and involvement in the Lustre community! We will continue to keep you updated on the workings of OpenSFS and our efforts on behalf of Lustre.

LUG 2014 Conference in April

By jfranklin

OpenSFS_EOFS_theme-banner_finalJoin us for the Lustre® User Group 2014 Conference

The Lustre® User Group (LUG) conference is the industry’s primary venue for discussion and seminars on the Lustre parallel file system and other open source file system technologies.

OpenSFS is proud to announce that LUG 2014 will be held in Miami, Florida,  April 8-10, 2014.

LUG 2014 will take place at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, located right on Biscayne Bay and just minutes from South Beach and other famous Miami attractions.

The event will include 25+ sessions and panels led by the world’s leading developers, administrators, solution providers, and users of Lustre. Attendees will also have the exclusive opportunity to explore upcoming developments of the Lustre file system, while actively participating in industry dialogue on best practices and emerging technologies.

Get Involved in LUG 2014:

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions are the ideal forum for hearing from leading developers, vendors, and users of Lustre as they debate future requirements, explore upcoming enhancements, and share real world best practices. If you’d like to suggest a topic for a panel discussion – or be part of a panel, please contact [email protected].

Corporate Sponsorships

Is your company interested in reaching more than 200+ focused Lustre attendees? Then become a LUG 2014 Corporate Sponsor! OpenSFS has a number of sponsorship opportunities available. Sign up early for best visibility with one of four possible sponsorship levels! Learn more about corporate sponsorship opportunities for LUG 2014.


Registration for LUG 2014 is now open.    »Read details about LUG 2014!