In the past, OpenSFS occasionally announced requests for proposals for Lustre feature development.

The goal of these RFPs was to encourage innovative ideas.  OpenSFS used to fund multiple proposals as part of a single RFP and we were looking for broad participation from the entire open source scalable file system development communities.

Currently Open RFPs

  • There are no RFPs open at this time.


Past RFPs

  • W4570: March 8 – April 5 2013¬†
    1) Further the Lustre roadmap to meet the highest priority requirements defined by the community
    2) Develop production quality tools to ease administration and use of open source scalable file systems
    3) Address Lustre technical debt to improve the code base and documentation thereof
    4) Encourage new efforts in open source scalable file systems for high performance and data intensive computing to broaden the set of solutions available to the community