Lustre Testimonials

File systems play a key role in modern computing. Moving data from storage to compute has never been more important, and data that is not quickly accessible loses its advantage.

In recent years the Lustre 2.x release series has delivered major new features and enhancements, enabling the success of Lustre not only in demanding high performance computing (HPC) environments, but also the challenging world of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, Big Data and Enterprise computing.

Here at OpenSFS, we live and breathe Lustre. We’re constantly talking with an incredibly wide range of Lustre developers and users, both buyers and sellers. This collection of short videos gives a small taste of the variety of reasons why Lustre is so popular.



Why Lustre?



Does Lustre have a role in the enterprise?


How strong is the Lustre Community?


What does your Lustre configuration look like?


Lustre sound bites