PTI Draws Global Attendees to Lustre User Group Meeting

By jfranklin

Users of the supercomputing file system software connect with colleagues, elect officers to OpenSFS board, including IU’s own Ken Rawlings as secretary

Original article available via Indiana University

Proponents of the Lustre file system, which powers many of the world’s fastest supercomputers, recently gathered last month on the Indiana University Bloomington campus for the annual Open Scalable File Systems Lustre User Group, or LUG, meeting.

LUG is the premier event for the Lustre community and brings together developers, system architects and administrators, and users from all around the world to discuss the current status and future roadmap of Lustre. 2017 has been a transitional year for OpenSFS, the organization dedicated to the success of the Lustre file system, as it moves to a user-led, nonprofit model. In fact, this year marks the first time the LUG meeting was hosted by a user institution.

I’m quite dedicated to Lustre, and am looking forward to helping it become an even more vibrant ecosystem for the global high performance computing community. Ken Rawlings, IU senior systems analyst, on his election to the OpenSFS Board

“We were honored to host LUG17 and its nearly 200 attendees, who traveled to Bloomington from 13 countries and more than 70 institutions,” said Stephen Simms, former OpenSFS president and manager of the High Performance File Systems group at Indiana University. “Everyone at IU did their best to create a successful conference with ample time to connect with colleagues, professionally and socially.”

In addition to workshops and presentations, LUG17 featured an opening reception at IU’s Cyberinfrastructure Building sponsored by DDN, an Intel-sponsored dinner and a movie showing of the 1979 film “Breaking Away” (which was filmed in Bloomington), and a pub crawl sponsored by HGST/WARP.

Meet the OpenSFS Board

Meet the OpenSFS Board

The newly elected OpenSFS Board members and officers are (left to right): Kevin Harms (Argonne National Laboratory), vice president; Ken Rawlings (Indiana University), secretary; Shawn Hall (BP), director at large; Rick Wagner (Globus), treasurer; and Sarp Oral (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), president.

“LUG2017 was a smashing success, thanks to the flawless coordination between IU and OpenSFS,” said Sarp Oral, president of OpenSFS. “The event brought Lustre system architects, developers, and administrators from all around the world, and it was very well received by the attendees. As the president of OpenSFS and on behalf of the Lustre community, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to the IU staff who made this event a true success.”

OpenSFS Board elections were also held as part of LUG17. These elections concluded the re-organization and transition of OpenSFS as a Lustre user-driven organization. Newly elected OpenSFS Board members and officers include:

  • Sarp Oral (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) as president
  • Kevin Harms (Argonne National Laboratory) as vice president
  • Ken Rawlings (Indiana University) as secretary
  • Rick Wagner (Globus) as treasurer
  • Shawn Hall (BP) as the director at large

IU’s Ken Rawlings is a senior systems analyst in the High Performance File Systems group in the university’s Research Technologies division. In his new role as secretary of the OpenSFS board, he will be responsible for general records management including maintaining meeting documents and creating detailed reports.

“It’s an honor to be able to serve the community in this way,” said Rawlings. “I’m quite dedicated to Lustre, and am looking forward to helping it become an even more vibrant ecosystem for the global high performance computing community.”

The LUG17 agenda and presentation materials and videos are now available at