Lustre 2.3 Released

September 21, 2021

November 5, 2012

OpenSFS financial backing supports second Lustre feature release in 2012

On October 22, 2012, the High Performance Data Division (HPDD) of Whamcloud/Intel announced the release of Lustre 2.3.0. This release is the second release partially funded by financial support from OpenSFS.

OpenSFS continues to play a key role in Lustre feature releases – in addition to co-sponsoring of the costs of creating this release (which are quite substantial considering the number of individuals involved over the more than six months taken to complete the release) there is also input from OpenSFS’s Community Development Working Group (CDWG).

“Lustre 2.3 addresses important issues around Lustre performance and recovery, further strengthening Lustre for HPC and big data usage. Whamcloud/Intel is thankful for OpenSFS’s financial role in getting us here,” said Peter Jones, Lustre Support and Releases Manager at Whamcloud/Intel. “So, on behalf of Whamcloud/Intel and indeed the whole Lustre community I would like to warmly thank OpenSFS, the CDWG, and everyone who contributed towards this release.”

Lustre 2.3 Release Highlights

  • Object Index (OI) Scrub
    • LFSCK rebuilds the OI file after MDT file-level backup/restore
  • Improved SMP performance of shared directory
  • Wide community involvement with code contributions from Bull, CEA, Cray, DDN, EMC, Fujitsu, LLNL, ORNL, TACC, Ultrascale, UVT, Whamcloud/Intel and Xyratex

“With this second feature release, the OpenSFS model for community development of Lustre has proven itself,” said Pam Hamilton, working group lead for the CDWG. “The CDWG is committed to assuring an open process that encourages broad participation and maintains vendor neutrality.”

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