OpenSFS Test Cluster Donation

By jfranklin

OpenSFS is looking to donate a smallish cluster (click here for a PDF with a description of the hardware) that previously supported testing and development of the open-source parallel Lustre file system. While this is still a useful system, it’s no longer within OpenSFS’s scope to operate, so we are looking to donate it to a college or university to support activities aligned with our mission to promote innovation and adoption of open-source scalable storage technologies. There are many potential use cases for a system like this including teaching, training, professional development, software research, or production use as an HPC cluster.

The cluster is wholly owned by OpenSFS and can be transferred as an asset to the receiving campus. The cluster is currently at Indiana University at their Bloomington campus. The receiving campus will be responsible for packaging and transporting the cluster. Indiana University will remove the cluster from their data center and place it on the loading dock for packaging, un-cabling, etc. The racks are included and the cluster could be transported in those two units.

Interested colleges or universities should send a one page proposal of how they would utilize this system. The proposal must include a primary point of contact, i.e., name, email, mailing address, and phone number. The proposals will be reviewed by the OpenSFS board based on the following criteria:

● Growing the open-source community
● Researching file system and storage technologies
● Supporting traditionally underserved students and staff

Membership in OpenSFS will not be a factor in the decision. Proposals are due by midnight PST, February 9, 2018. The receiving organization will be granted a speaking slot at the upcoming LUG 2018 in Chicago at Argonne National Laboratory to describe their plan for the cluster. Two free LUG 2018 registrations will be included (transportation and housing not included). The proposals and any questions should be sent to [email protected]

The Board of OpenSFS