Lustre 2.5.0 Released

By jfranklin

The Lustre® Community Development Working Group (CDWG) is pleased to announce that the Lustre 2.5.0 Release is now available for download. The source code is also available from git.
This major release includes a number of new features:

  • Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) (LU-3608) – allows data to be transferred between different storage types
  • Extended Attribute Cache (Xattr Cache) (LU-2869) – improved performance when reading extended attributes

Fuller details can be found in the change log, the scope statement and the test matrix. The following are known issues in the Lustre 2.5.0 Release:

  • LU-3833 : HSM does not check whether a file is sparse before archiving which could lead to unexpected results
  • LU-4152 : Under rare access patterns while re-exporting NFS it is possible that MDT threads might block until external action is performed on a file
  • LU-4159 : Lustre 2.4.x clients are unable to access a released file

Work is in progress for these issues and it is likely that these will be addressed in the 2.5.1 release scheduled for Q1 2014.

Please log any issues found in this release at the issue tracking website

We would like to thank OpenSFS for their contributions towards the cost of this release, and also to all Lustre community members who have contributed to the release with code and/or testing.

— October 30, 2013