2022 Lustre User Group Virtual Event Hosted by OpenSFS and University of Tennessee at Knoxville, May 9-11

By jfranklin

Open Scalable File Systems (OpenSFS), a premier non-profit organization advancing and coordinating the Lustre file system community, has announced plans for the 2022 Lustre User Group (LUG) conference. LUG 2022 will take place May 9-11, 2022 in cyberspace, hosted by OpenSFS and the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. May is the perfect time of year for system architects, Lustre administrators, users, and system vendors to get together and learn about the latest Lustre features and roadmaps, as well as establish lasting connections/collaborations among attendees.

LUG registration is required ahead of time to participate so be sure to sign up before the event! Register today at: https://utconferences.eventsair.com/lug22/register/Site/Register

Why you should attend:

As always, LUG 2022 will have technical sessions (May 10-11) on the latest Lustre developments and best practices, and provide opportunities to share information, network, and collaborate with your peers. At LUG 2022 there will also be Lustre tutorials (May 9).

The detailed program is posted online at: https://www.opensfs.org/events/lug-2022/.

Thanks to our 2022 Sponsor, DDN for their support of LUG 2022.