OpenSFS to Highlight Lustre® In New Markets At ISC13 By Hosting Participatory Community Events

Lustre Birds of a Feather session and breakfast panel punctuate large community presence

 Beaverton, OR – June 13, 2013 – Open Scalable File Systems (OpenSFS), the premier participant-supported, vendor-neutral, and non-profit organization supporting and coordinating the High Performance Computing (HPC) open source file system community, announced today, in cooperation with the European Open File System (EOFS) community group, its expanded participation in International Supercomputing (ISC) 2013.

ISC’13 will be held in Leipzig, Germany this year from June 16 – 20. Several events have been planned during ISC’13 highlighting Lustre usage beyond HPC, including scalability for Big Data workloads.

“ISC is the biggest supercomputing show in Europe and is an excellent forum for community discussions around the advancement of Lustre and other open source file systems,” said Galen Shipman, OpenSFS Chairman. “The Lustre file system has been used for nearly a decade in HPC and has continued to advance, both in terms of scalability and reliability. These advances have enabled the Lustre file system to tackle a variety of challenges, many extending well beyond traditional HPC to the broader Big Data space.”

“Lustre is now being used to handle large-scale and ‘high-value’ data,” said Tommy Minyard, OpenSFS Community Representative Director. “In the oil and gas space we are seeing Lustre being used for both data analysis workloads and as a long-term storage solution for high-value seismic and reservoir data sets. We’ll be using ISC to look into these kinds of use cases and much more.”

OpenSFS / EOFS ISC13 Schedule

Event: Lustre Community Birds of a Feather (BOF), Tuesday, 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Location: Room M05 at the Messhaus, next door to the Congress Center. Room and catering provided by Intel, a Promoter level Participant of OpenSFS and member of the board of directors.

Agenda: Community introduction: Galen Shipman, OpenSFS, and Hugo Falter, EOFS

Fastforward project: Eric Barton, Intel

Lustre Assets Acquisition Update, Michael Connolly, Xyratex

Lustre feature panel

Industry panel

Event: Breakfast Panel, Wednesday, 7:15am – 8:45am

Location: Hall 4 CCL Congress Center Leipzig

Agenda: Focus on Lustre

Moderated by Frank Baetke, HP

Participants include Aurélien Degrémont, CEA; Barry Bolding, Cray; Jeff Denworth, DDN; Klaus Wolkersdorfer, FZJ; Mark Seager, Intel;

Bronis de Supinski, LLNL; Galen Shipman, OpenSFS / ORNL; Tommy Minyard, OpenSFS / TACC; Torben Kling-Peterson, Xyratex

The OpenSFS / EOFS booth is number 515.

For more information on OpenSFS / EOFS events at ISC13, see

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Open Scalable File Systems is the premier participant-supported, vendor-neutral, non-profit organization supporting and coordinating the High Performance Computing (HPC) open source file system community. We aggregate community resources as the center of collaborative activities. Our technical Working Groups bring in experts from many fields and backgrounds to contribute to roadmap discussions. OpenSFS-sponsored events create opportunities to network directly with the smartest open source file system engineers and business leaders. Our membership provides leverage for messaging and awareness.

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