NCSA Joins OpenSFS

OpenSFS membership continues to expand, highlighting
strong support of Lustre® file systems worldwide

Beaverton, OR – October 8, 2013 – Open Scalable File Systems (OpenSFS), the premier non-profit organization advancing and coordinating the Lustre® file system community, is proud to announce The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) has joined OpenSFS. NCSA is joining at the Adopter Level which provides organizations with a number of benefits including the ability to “…fully participate in the support and development process and… [to] propose new Working Groups and lead Working Groups… .”

“We are extremely pleased to welcome NCSA to OpenSFS. Their petascale work with the Blue Waters supercomputer has pushed Lustre to new performance and scalability levels,” said Galen Shipman, OpenSFS Chairman. “We believe NCSA’s active involvement in Lustre and OpenSFS is yet another indication of the growing importance of Lustre.”

NCSA’s Blue Waters is the world’s fastest academic supercomputer and is supported by the National Science Foundation and the University of Illinois.

“NCSA is deeply interested in the continuing development of Lustre. Membership in OpenSFS ensures direct representation for our Blue Waters science and engineering teams early in the decision-making process for Lustre improvements,” said William T. C. Kramer, project director of the Blue Waters project. “Lustre is a key technology for supercomputers today and tomorrow. By representing key areas of computational and data-focused science and engineering disciplines Blue Waters will work with OpenSFS to enable important ‘co-design’ opportunities between some of the world’s best science and engineering teams and the developers of the Lustre software. Blue Waters’ participation with OpenSFS will further enable improved interaction with middleware developers who provide tools between the applications and the file system.”

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About NCSA

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), located at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, provides powerful computers and expert support that help thousands of scientists and engineers across the country improve our world. For more information, see

About OpenSFS

Open Scalable File Systems, Inc. is a strong and growing nonprofit organization dedicated to the success of the Lustre® file system. OpenSFS was founded in 2010 to advance Lustre, ensuring it remains vendor-neutral, open, and free. Since its inception, OpenSFS has been responsible for advancing Lustre and delivering new releases on behalf of the open source community. Through working groups, events, and ongoing funding initiatives, OpenSFS harnesses the power of collaborative development to fuel innovation and growth of Lustre worldwide.