Lustre Developer Day

OpenSFS hosts a yearly Lustre Developer Day. This event is held prior to the Lustre User Group (LUG) Conference.

Attendance to this event is limited, and priority will be given to developers currently working on Lustre features. Please contact [email protected] with details of your development project and to be invited to the event.

Developers – Get involved and letʼs make Lustre better!

OpenSFS hosts the Developer Day in order to provide Lustre developers and those interested in doing Lustre development a chance to meet face to face. This meeting provides newer developers a chance to listen, learn, and network while giving veteran developers a chance to present their ideas and share current work. Goals include bringing the developer community closer together in a very practical way and to increase the bandwidth and decrease the latency of developer to developer communication.

What can I do?

Time has shown that *early* socialization of proposed code changes and in-progress changes is crucial for efficient development. Announcing early prevents redundant efforts and ensures that implemented solutions will solve a wider variety of use cases insuring codeʼs longevity.

Giving and receiving constructive criticism makes everyoneʼs code better. Without thorough peer review we run the risk of contaminating the well we all drink from. The camaraderie gained from and the personal relationships formed at developer focused meetings help to soften the chill of email when there are disagreements and increase the likelihood youʼll pick up the phone to receive the technical assistance you might need when you need it.

Previous Developer Day Events