Community Director Election

Nominations are now being accepted for candidates to serve as the 2016 OpenSFS Community Representative Director on the OpenSFS Board of Directors. The Community Representative will serve from February 2016 to February 2017.

Nominations must be emailed to [email protected] before 5pm Pacific Time, Friday, January 29th.

Please take a moment to give this nomination serious consideration. The person selected for this position is responsible for representing the OpenSFS Supporter and Adopter Participants and has a full Board seat and voting rights to carry out that responsibility. Community participation is growing and we want to be sure all Supporters and Adopters have a strong voice in the decisions made by the OpenSFS Board. Your Community Board Member is guided by Supporter and Adopter values as the Board makes decisions for OpenSFS including how OpenSFS Development and Support funding is spent.

We’d like to thank Steve Simms from Indiana University for his excellent service as the 2014 and 2015 Community Representative Director.

Expectations for the community representative are:

·         attend weekly board meetings and face-to-face meetings twice a year

·         gather input on important topics from OpenSFS Adopter and Supporter participants

·         attend the LUG 2016 and 2017 conferences

·         provide routine updates on board activities to OpenSFS participants

Nominations rules/criteria are as follows:

Each OpenSFS Adopter and Supporter Participant is eligible to nominate one candidate for consideration as the Community Representative Director. The Community Representative Director is an important role in OpenSFS, and we encourage Adopter and Supporter Participants to submit nominations.

Any individual meeting the requirements set forth in Section 6.4 of the Bylaws (as outlined below) is eligible for nomination for the upcoming term.

Nominations must be emailed to OpenSFS Administration before 5pm Pacific Time, Friday, January 29th. OpenSFS will acknowledge the receipt of each nomination via return email.

As described in more detail in the OpenSFS Bylaws, within 30 days after the nomination process has been completed, a meeting of the Promoters will be held at which the Community Representative Director may be elected from among the candidates nominated.

Nominations must include:

1. The name of the Nominee.

2. The name of the employer of the Nominee.

3. The name of the Participant making the nomination and an indication of the Participant’s participation level in OpenSFS (Adopter or Supporter).

All Nominees must meet the requirements set forth in Section 6.4 of the Bylaws, which states:

“An individual serving as the Community Representative Director (A) may not be a Representative of any Promoter; (B) may be a Representative of a Supporter or Adopter and (C) must have meaningful experience in the development, marketing, implementation and/or use of software substantially similar to, or with comparable functionality to, software of the type comprising an OpenSFS Stack.”

Although the Nominee’s CV and/or other background information is not required to be submitted with the Nomination, OpenSFS may request additional information if clarification is needed regarding the individual’s ability to serve or qualifications under Section 6.4.

Thank you again for your support. As a community let’s move forward to make 2016 the best year yet for OpenSFS. We look forward to seeing you at LUG 2016 in Portland on April 5-7, 2016. Additional details are available on the LUG 2016 web page.

OpenSFS Board of Directors